New Age: The Last Millennium 1

As some of you may have noticed the last batch of mod updates added two new dimensions for us to juggle. One is the world beyond the Magic Mirror (Witchery) and not really a concern at the moment. The other is The Last Millennium.

The Last Millennium

Only as lonely as it looks…

The Last Millennium is quite literally the last moment in time, a void where nothing exists…. except the last living villager and his lamppost. This crossroads can be reached by creating a portal that short-circuits time and leads one directly to it. Luckily, others have preceded you there and have built paths away from the sad and lonely central square. Those that have preceded you have taken to administrate this area and have laid the following rules down:

  • Do not build in the way of the paths; build to the side so others can get by.
  • Do not crowd. Nothing exists here unless it is brought by you so there is no reason to crowd.
  • Do not let liquids fall into the void. We’ll be honest, we’re not sure what will happen… maybe nothing or maybe you’ll be dumping the liquid into another universe, increasing it’s mass until it prematurely collapses on itself! (Seriously, it will cause client and server lag, don’t do it.)
  • If the path needs to be extended, let an admin know… we’ll manipulate it to a point in time where the path was already there.

The live map will show construction inĀ The Last Millennium, so players will be able to navigate semi-easily. Really it’s just a void dimension to buildĀ and have fun in. There is still another separate one coming for new world gen. If this looks familiar, you may have played a great Squaresoft game back in the SNES days.

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