Downtime Tomorrow

Hello all,

Short notice, I know, but the live server will be down for a few hours while we update to 5.9 (not 4.x like I keep saying… seriously 😒). This is because the update process this time is a little more involved than usual;¬†we will actually be temporarily transferring world data to a separate server, pushing the update through that server to update the world data, then re-uploading it. It seems like a hassle but it accomplishes two big things for us: updates a few mods that really needed it and avoids a world reset (sorry those of you looking forward to it).

Once the server is back up we’ll be opening a new dimension with a portal at spawn. The new dimension will be for some world gen that has changed since we created our world (mostly Botania and Witchery). The End will also be getting reset within the next week or so.

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