Upcoming 5.7 Changes

Hi everyone! After a nice lull, we’re pushing another version through… this one with a lot of changes such as these (taken from the change log):

  • Updated config for MFR to “fix” Chunk Loaders (they obeyed Forge’s ticket system before)
  • Updated CoFH Mods (again)
  • Updated AE2
  • Updated TiC
  • Updated JABBA, Mobius Core, and Opis
  • Updated NEI Addons
  • Updated NEI Integration
  • Updated Forge (FINALLY!)

Join us after the break for some information/discussion…

Some of these changes have been a while coming but hadn’t been pushed in yet for whatever reason (NEI Addons/Integration) while others fairly recently came out (or have been updating like mad). The Forge update is kind of a big deal… we have been running 1307 on the server for a few weeks now and have been happy with the stability, we just hadn’t pushed it client side for reasons (which no one wrote down so… oh well). In the wild, many players report some improvement with how the client responds/renders so we’ll see if it carries over for us.

That’s all we have for now. We’ll let everyone know when 5.7 gets pushed to release and onto the server.

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