5.6 Updates (and Server Lag)

Hello all,

We’re working on the next update (well… we were before…) and want to keep everyone aware of what’s going on. Botania, CoFH mods (Thermal Expansion, MineFactory Reloaded, Redstone Arsenal, CoFH Core, Thermal Foundation), Blood Magic, and Thaumcraft are all going to get updated (so no more update spam, which we will try to kill in the configuration). These updates should fix a server crash we saw with containers being placed in empty Liquid Transposers set to fill said containers (this was most noticable with barrels since they’re so big but it does occur with others).

I’d like to also take a moment to talk about server responsiveness… or lack thereof lately. To be honest we did warn everyone that this time around we would have to run a “vanilla” Forge server since the whole Bukkit v. Wolverness fiasco resulted in Bukkit no longer being distributed for 1.7.10 which also killed Cauldron (Bukkit for Forge). What we didn’t expect was the replacement of Bukkit features we have come to require (permissions, commands) requiring so much overhead now (ForgeEssentials is responsible for approximately 75% of the server load). We have since tried to nudge a few things to fix this (skipping tile entity ticks, dumbing down mob AI, etc) and TPS is usually good when less than 10 players are online. I am taking steps now, however, to try and stabilize the server further. We’ll find out if it works as intended soon….

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