New Version and World – 3/2/2015 2

The new version of FrogTEK, 5.5, will drop tonight. This is in preparation for the server moving over to the new world on Monday (March 2nd). The mod credits will be updated shortly to reflect the final list for 5.5 and we will begin updating the wiki as well.

Some mods did not make the cut for various reasons; Roguelike Dungeons does not appear to play nice with Thaumcraft or Witchery (which would of cut quite a few other mods) so it was removed. Mekanism… had (possibly still has) issues and we don’t feel like fighting that.

New mods (and some returning) include Botany (flower magic that supposedly makes sense), PneumatiCraft (pressurized air and machines, what could go wrong?), Chisel (all dem blocks), Forestry and several of it’s addons (bees and genes and trees…. first person who makes a tree whose leaves fly around and sting people gets banned….), and Witchery (because who can’t get enough magic).

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2 thoughts on “New Version and World – 3/2/2015

  • Mortiseraphim

    So I’ve noticed that starting a server with the included ‘create server’ feature (and running forge) doesnt appear to be working. Just crashes after everything loads up (also tried the .bat with no success). Perhaps I am missing something? I was hoping to do some of my own testing of multiplayer, granted on a much more limited scale.