Delay of Game (Again) 2

Hello patient FrogTEK players! As you’ve probably noticed, despite being aggressive about trying to meet our deadline… we’re going to miss it. The website has been updated and runs real nicely (and there is some stuff behind the scenes for doing whitelist requests) and work has been going in earnest to get the pack to release level. I (personally) ended up becoming tangling up in making Magic Bees work (it’s a mod I’ve always enjoyed in the pack and was sad to see it wasn’t working with the latest Forge/Forestry, so I updated it’s source and compiled it). We’re now starting SMP testing, which is going to be a bit more complicated than usual because we do not have a version of Cauldron that will work with our mods. This means watching performance a lot closer as well as trying to find solutions to problems that we often easily can solve with a Bukkit plugin (which is no longer an option).

We are moving forward, we just may not be able to get it out this weekend as planned.

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