FrogTEK 5.5 In Testing

Those with access to development versions will notice a new entry if you create a new FrogTEK instance… “Frog55”. This is the first development release of the pack. As such, there are some known issues…

  • Pink Generators (from Extra Utilities) are craftable. They will be going away.
  • Bee Collector’s Jar (from Magic Bees) are missing. They may not come back (more on this).
  • There are no dense ore versions of copper, tin, silver, imbued ores, yellowite (or whatever it is), etc. Soon.
  • OpenEye reports are not getting tagged with the mod pack and mod pack version

Please note this is far from a final build but should give everyone a good idea of where we are going.

A special note on Magic Bees – Technically, this mod is not compatible with the newer version of Forestry and such however MysteriousAges made the mod open source. I took it upon myself to try and drag it into our back by updating it; we’ll see if it works. Right now there is some risky stuff going on with it (some items do not send error states, not sure if this will causes problems) as well as some stuff disabled (I killed the jar for now, there’s some other stuff disabled by other contributors… I haven’t really looked into why or what can be done about it).


UPDATE – Just pushed two updates to the dev version that fix 4 of the 5 known issues (Jars are still off). In order to get it, you have to restart the AT Launcher client and re-install the dev version (not the “current” FrogTEK version, which I’m told is failing to download as I accidentally deleted a mod off the file server).

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