To-Do List 3

After reading through the comments and talking to some members I think the best route we can take at this point is to try playing the beta DW20 pack for a bit. This is going to be a huge experiment as we will not have the luxury of dragging Cauldron with us (so… regular Forge/MC server software) and I’m not sure how that will affect things like server performance as well as permissions (simple solution: no commands “available” we don’t want untrusted people to use). It also means moving to a hard white-list system to control drive-by griefers, which in turn means fixing the site as well as enabling a script/application system for allowing people to sign up (we had one before, it fell to the wayside).

So the “To Do” list looks a bit like this;

  1. Fix the FrogTEK site (theme and functionality).
  2. Test DW20 pack on local/private access
  3. Backup and save current world/pack
  4. Install DW20 on live
  5. ????
  6. Not end up in corner sobbing into box of cereal (while eating said cereal by the handful).

Time table for all of this is about 2 weeks, give or take a month ;).

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