So… Where are We? 6

As no doubt everyone has noticed, we have had no updates since November. There are a few reasons for this which, unfortunately, occurred near enough to each other to pretty much shut down our update schedule completely. The admin in charge of updates started classes, Bukkit was shutdown with a DMCA notice, Spigot bypassed the notice via patching so Cauldron (the server software we use) could update again, and then the whole thing got shut down again. In that time a lot of mods updated… many of which either need the last version of Forge for 1.7.10 or exposed bugs that can not be fixed without updates to Cauldron. Honestly… it’s a lot and almost make sense to instead start over, except we’d end up at this same point and have expended more time.

So where are we?

For the time being, the server is in a “holding pattern”. Barring anything catastrophic, nothing should change overly much on the server or with the pack. That said, I am open to suggestions of alternative packs or perhaps variations we could run while we wait for Sponge (the replacement for Cauldron).

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6 thoughts on “So… Where are We?

  • Remmy

    Server participation over the last month has been pretty low, except for an uptick last week. Shankomatic is constantly on though. 😉 Does it make sense to try a common pack, something different, to spice it up a bit?

  • Designia

    We should definitely try something new to mess around for a bit. There’s a lot of really fun packs I’ve played with, like all the different flavors of Resonant Rise and the Natural Magic pack. The current Direwolf20 pack is fun, as well as the FTB Horizon pack. As long as you don’t force us all onto the MLP pack, I am happy.

  • Remmy

    I’m ready for something different. I have been playing with the latest Direwolf20 pack, and have been enjoying it. Coder, would we need to make a custom pack, or could we just move to one of these established packs?