Ruh Roh; Launcher Problems

It appears there are some issues with CreepHost that are causing the ATLauncher not to show updates… most importantly, it’s not showing our update so none of you can get on the server!

Impatient? Want to get on sometime in the realm of now and five minutes ago? Click the “Read More”, I’ll help you out. If you’re patient, well, keep waiting. We’ve been assured it will be fixed “soon”™Okay, here’s how to manually update your FrogTEK install to 5.2.

  1. Download these mods: Blood MagicEnhanced Portals 3, Iron Chests, AsieLib, Statues, and WAILA.
  2. Open ATLauncher and next to your install of FrogTEK will be a button called “Open Folder”. Click it and it will open the folder for your install.
  3. Open “mods”
  4. Delete the files “Blood Magic-v1.1.0(1.7.10)”, “EnhancedPortals_1.7.10-universal-3.0.6” and “Waila-1.5.4a_1.7.10” (there may be a .jar at the end of the file names, depending on how you have your OS setup).
  5. Copy those 6 files you downloaded back at step 1 into your mods folder.
  6. Enjoy!

Note that this doesn’t include the fix for the Galacticraft UI. To fix that you have to…

  1. Go back to your FrogTEK install folder.
  2. Open “config”, then “Galacticraft”
  3. Open “core.conf” in a text editor (I highly recommend Notepad or Notepad++; MS Word or Wordpad may add formatting that will break things).
  4. Find B:”Minimap Bottom”=
  5. Change the value from “true” to “false”
  6. Save.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS (somehow you delete the wrong files or mess up the config) you can reinstall the mod pack easily through the launcher.

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