5.0.1 in Launcher (but still not Live) 2

We uploaded 5.0.1 to the launcher early this morning/late last night. This update fixes quite a few things (like broken TiC stuff) and updated the following mods:

  • Tinker’s Construct – Now using the version maintained by bido (mDiyo has retired). Fixed a few things.
  • Mantle – Um… whoops. We were using and old version. Now at the last published version (caused mystery TiC crash).
  • Galacticraft and Galactricraft Planets – Spacestation items have requirements, new crafting interfaces, lots of fixes.
  • Carpenter’s Blocks – New garage doors (door opens up instead of sideways) with new patterns. Shader fixes so things look pretty.
  • Bibliocraft – Um, not sure. This one got put in pretty late.
  • TiC Tooltips – Updated to work with TiC, of course ;).

Okay… back to making multiplayer work.

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