Heavy Dust Area (A Lot of Construction) 3

Hi everyone. On top of dropping 5.0 I’m also doing a lot of work on the site and software that runs the server. Needless to say, coupled with the issues we had getting HQM to not work (ugh) things are running a bit behind.

I’m still hoping to have some sembelance of a multiplayer server up by tonight, however, I won’t be around tonight so that may not be my best idea. Worst case? Tomorrow at some point.

Sorry for the delays… getting the wiki together, fixing silly Word Press issues, and Bukkit/Minecraft drama have really killed our usual turtle pace of updates and release ;).

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3 thoughts on “Heavy Dust Area (A Lot of Construction)

  • Dan

    Coder if you want some help with the quests I’m sure some of us would be willing to help out with it. Maybe give people one or two mod packs and we can flesh out some quests for just the mod packs assigned and you can tweak them as needed. This might take some pressure off you and could give the quests a lot more depth as well as giving the community a little bit of ownership in helping to be part of the team. I for one would gladly dig in and help with this and I sure a few more would too. You can leave a reply here and I’ll check in later or hit me on twitter if you want. @danfonner

    • CoderJ Post author

      Thank you for the offer!

      There are a few problems with quests at the moment though; I had a whole entry/intro level designed that used the location-quests to advance the player through a small story and ultimately to the surface/spawn area. However, either the quests would not complete (which meant the player could no physically advance), the quest emitters would not trigger (which meant that player would not get story or get teleported), or the thing would trigger all at once leaving the player in a teleport loop.

      The issue with collaborative quest making is the HQM data file is not exactly “readable”, so I wouldn’t even know how to begin merging changes. I’m going to put in a few bug issues and feature requests today. If any get accepted/fixed then that would definitely get HQM added back in.