5.0 is here!

As some of you may have noticed (and many may have not), FrogTEK has been updated to 5.0! This is a big update for FrogTEK as it brings the pack to 1.7.10 and, as usually happens with these updates, mods have changed. We’ve also moved the wiki from Wikispaces (who now require a subscription plan for non-educational wikis) to our site. Information is being added daily to help our players.

Hardcore Quest Mod¬†has been removed; it was delaying release trying to get around some odd issues. Since there are no quests, we’ve also removed¬†Lockdown. If we can get HQM working the way we intend to we’ll add it back in at some later point.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to test/configure things for SMP yet (it didn’t help my internet connection failed for the better part of the day today). We will be working on getting 5.0 moved to the live server within the next few days.

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