So… small status update. I think I’ve solved the issues around build protection with World Guard (if I had more time, I’d dig into why it’s not working on the latest snapshot… but I don’t so I won’t). This means a 5.0 cometh! (finally)

We still want a staggered release (5.0 SSP, 5.1 SMP) but we wanted to resolve any outstanding compatibility issues with the server first (since it would royally stink to pregenerate the worlds for 5.0 only to have to change it for 5.1).

Our mod count currently stands at 70 (much slimmer than before) although the pack will still be pretty “heavy” in terms of resource usage (Minecraft 1.7 coupled with some pretty intense mods such as Galacticraft, Blood Magic, and Thaumcraft). We will start updating the wiki as well as dropping some more hints as we get closer to release…

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