Turtles Making Mod Packs 1

Things are going… slowly, but they are going. Quests are being rewritten/ported to 1.7.10 (pack version 5) and we’re working on server compatibility.

Server compatibility is the big thing; we’re stuck with the software we have for at least another 5 months (for the record, I am a Sponge project supporter). That means we have to make the mods and plugins we’re using work for the long run instead of coping and hoping there will be a fix “soon”. The absolute biggest hang up in regards to this is build protection.

We’ve tried Essentials Anti-Build (appears to break HQM triggers), WorldGuard (won’t let anyone build unless opped despite proper flags), ModifyWorld (holy error log!), and some others. We’d rather not revert to a whitelist-only server, however, if we can’t get build protection to work we may not have a choice. There are still a few options on the table to try and make work so we’re going to keep at it. The biggest factor at the moment is time…

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