Marching Along… to 5.0! 1

Work continues to get our pack ready for 1.7.10, despite some drama in the community (separate post). Mod list is more or less finalized; we’re holding out for 1 or 2 mods to either hit release/stable but we may move on without them as they do not affect world gen (and due to changes of the core of Minecraft it’s stupid easy to slip them in). With all of this in mind, my current plan is to release 5.0 within the next few days (because I love releasing things when I won’t be available for a few days after) and have that be single player only. Hopefully, by the end of the week we’ll have things finalized and can release 5.1 which will go live on the server.

The semi-final list is available at our wiki (remember we have that?). The wiki will also get updated with recipe/game play changes and such so it’s a little more useful.

Going forward, here are the important changes (for now):

  • Single player games are locked; the player will always get the same seed and initial spawn/quest area similar to what we have on the multiplayer server. This should provide a more even play experience offline and online.
  • TiC Tools are “easier”; vanilla tools are still only useful for crafting however making TiC tools is a lot easier now and all modifiers are available (no more strange level up system… tbh we liked it but the mod appears incompatible with our SMP software).
  • Food is still important, but you will no longer starve to death. This may change.
  • More things that go bump in the night are out there… luckily, not nearly as many are “epic” level.
  • Battle Tower loot is being tweaked. It will be finalized by the time SMP goes live.
  • Thermal Expansion ducts are no more; use EnderIO again (this is per Team CoFH)
  • No MystCraft, no Multiworld, no Twilight Forest… sigh. If only there were things to explore and do… like space or the moon…. maybe even Mars…

We’ll post again when 5.0 is ready for release!

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One thought on “Marching Along… to 5.0!

  • Cullucut

    Really looking forward to the new version and world. Finally managed to carve out some time to play again, after dealing with new baby stuff for the last six months. Got my wife and oldest child interested as well.

    Thanks so much for keeping this up and running.