Ultimate Pack 4

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Don’t worry, we won’t lose anything…. if anything, we gain. This pack adds the following (after the break ;)…

  • Applied Energistics (This looks pretty cool, check out DW20’s spotlight)
  • BiblioCraft (actually bookcases that hold books, and more)
  • Flat Bedrock
  • GregTech (don’t worry, we’ll turn off the hard mode recipes… maybe 😉
  • MineFactory Reloaded (yet more machines… and conveyer belts!)
  • PetroGen (Generator that works off oil/fuel/biofuel… not biomass, though)
  • Secret Rooms (camoflauge blocks, secret buttons, and more)
  • TubeStuff (Autocrafting Table MK II and some other fun stuff)
  • VoxelMods

Note I didn’t add XyCraft Machines (Soaryn117 rolled it in with the core Xycraft). Of course, the giant negative attached to this is when 1.5 drops (which is very soon), Ultimate may very well be the last pack to get ported over (due to the amount of mods). Luckily, MCP and Forge are making it a lot easier for authors to move to the next Minecraft milestone, but we’ll see how fast that actually is.

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4 thoughts on “Ultimate Pack

  • CoderJ Post author

    Also, not really a news post… but obviously my presence in-game has gone down a lot. I think I blew out the GPU and fan on my computer… won’t actually know until later today when the replacement power adapter comes in. There’s really three ways this can go;
    – I can turn on the laptop w/o the GPU but not with (which means it’s toast and I have to order another, not really a huge deal… eBay FTW)
    – I can turn on the laptop w/ the GPU (which means I may just be down a fan, again, not a huge deal… eBay)
    – It won’t turn on at all (which means I get to call XoticPC and see how much a new mainboard is… I’m about 2 months from having money to replace the entire thing so….)

    Obviously, I’m hoping for one of the first 2 scenarios…

  • Encryptic

    I played with Ultimate locally for a bit.

    Bilbocraft looks cool because it adds some standard aesthetic elements that I’ve always wanted.
    Also, from the dev server when Riven showed me camo blocks I loved them. I’d love to make the switch. Plus I think Voxel menus are pretty cool.

    Oh and having AE basically makes crafting amazing.

  • gacorley

    I didn’t get to vote on the poll, but I say yes to Ultimate. For one, if we switch, I will immediately be looking to convert all my massive storage and sorting to AE. Also, Bibliocraft has some nice options for things that you want to have at hand at a moments notice.