Reminder: Rules and Such

Pro-Tip: If it isn’t yours and you haven’t asked for permissions DO NOT TAKE/USE IT!

Hi all. It’s been a while since I’ve had to remind anyone of the rules (we have those), so I’m going to now. We have rules (I mentioned it), and included in those rules are statements on not stealing or griefing. In the past we had restricted items and abilities to avoid potential “accidental” occurrences, however, over time our community proved itself to be a bunch of responsible players.

That said, if reports of theft/griefing continue to be received steps will be taken to identify and either censor or remove those responsible. If we can not identify those responsible we will take steps to at least deter this anti-social behavior.

On an unrelated note, a 1.7.10 pack is being compiled now.¬†We’ll still have a magic and tech interlacing theme… it’s just a matter of making everything work.

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